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How do I do this?

Below you can find help to sign up for our podcasts. That's were you can look up sermons for the year (we will clean house as a year goes by to make way for the new). Oh, and by the way, you must have iTunes to use our streaming service. It's free, effortless and works well with our media. Thanks!

Step by step

  • Click on the "SUBSCRIBE HERE" link on the left here (in the dark blue box)
  • The next page that opens is an "iTunes Preview" page. Click on the "VIEW IN iTUNES" link
  • A dialogue box will pop up asking you if you really want to subscribe. Click "SUBSCRIBE"
  • When iTunes opens (you must install iTunes if you haven't already) click the subscribe button
  • After iTunes opens, select the "Podcasts" section and you should see us there now!
  • Click play on the episode you want to hear.
  • NOTE: if you don't see the "Podcasts" section, you may have to unhide it. Select "VIEW" in the iTunes menu and then select "SHOW SIDEBAR"

Do it by the pictures

Did you not get the above instructions? That's ok. We've got you covered. Click the PDF below to download a document to walk you through using pictures that might make a little more sense. Peace.

Download the SHOW ME document